Artifacts in Keramik widget theme

Henrik (Mauritz) Johnson henrik at
Mon Sep 2 18:01:17 BST 2002

I just switched to the Keramik widget theme and I have a few problems 
with it.

First of all the toolbars have problems with labels. They don't get the 
correct background. After checking some other themes the only one who 
seems to get this right is the Liquid theme. All the KDE ones seem to 
have problems with this.

Secondly also in the toolbars, it doesn't paint the correct background 
on toolbars that aren't attached to a main window.

Lastly there seem to be problems with a button with a popupmenu which is 
not correctly rendered when not active.

You can check the problems at the following screenshot .

I've tried to fix this myself, but I just can't seem to wrap my head 
around how that whole style thing works.


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