Kasbar improvements

Benoit Walter b.walter at free.fr
Sun Sep 1 15:49:36 BST 2002


I've been using kasbar for a while and I really find it very useful, but 
unfortunately there were some problems which made it a little annoying :

1. Sometimes an iconified app can't be raised when clicking on the kasbar icon 
(when all tasks are iconified and that one clicks several times on a kasbar 
icon). I resolved the problem in modifying the KasTaskItem::mousePressEvent 
procedure (using activateRaiseOrIconify() directly).

2. Kasbar should have a size of zero when no more windows are present 
(especially important when kasbar is not in transparent mode). I removed the 
condition with empty bar in the procedures
QSize KasBar::sizeHint( Orientation o,  QSize )
and void KasBar::updateLayout()
(there's no reason why the size of kasbar should not be reduced when there's 
no task left...)

The modifications are trivial, I can send a patch against the latest CVS 
version if you want to, I just would like to have the opinion of the kasbar 
developpers... The first bug is very annoying and I think it should be 
corrected before the final release of KDE 3.1 !

Best regards,
Benoit Walter

b.walter at free.fr
benoit.walter at esstin.uhp-nancy.fr

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