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On Thursday October 31, 2002 03:08, David Faure wrote:
> On Friday 01 November 2002 00:01, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > And I draw attention to the fact that David Faure has offered no
> > justification for his acts, and only threatens further abusive actions
> > in retaliation.
> The cvs log came with justifications.
> > His accusation is totally fabricated, as Stephan Binner and I
> > discussed the matter hours ago, and ended up agreeing.
> Really? I'd like to see that. What was the agreement? To keep
> conflicting files in two modules? Or to have in kit the only hicolor
> icons of the whole cvs, except for kdeartwork? There is nobody agreeing
> with you up to now (nor here nor on kde-cvs), so there is no evidence of
> any agreement at all.

The agreement was that

1. The files do not conflict for people
2. The highcolor ones should be kept with the app
3. The ones in kdeartwork should be removed

If Stephan will give me permission I can forward you the mails, David.

And as for the number of people agreeing, since when is KDE a democracy?

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