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Thu Oct 31 17:21:16 GMT 2002

El Jueves, 31 de Octubre de 2002 17:49, Havoc Pennington escribió:
> Antonio Larrosa Jiménez <larrosa at kde.org> writes:
> > No, no. _Even_ if you're only supporting >=KDE3.1, apps outside of cvs
> > _must_ install their icons to "hicolor". Remember that "hicolor" ==
> > "default", so what I mean is, applications must install their icons to
> > the "default" icon theme. It's a bit unfortunate that we have to name
> > the "default" icon theme "hicolor" (instead of plain "default"), but
> > it's needed to keep backward compatibility with existing KDE apps.
> Remember that the icon theme spec is shared, so you don't really want
> to call a theme plain "default" (it may not be the default in GNOME or
> whatever). "KDE Default" would be a better name.

Well, to quote the draft of the icon theme spec: 

| In order to have a place for third party applications to install their 
| icons there should always exist a theme called "default"

The problem is that if KDE changes to calling that theme "default" then 
we'll stop supporting old kde apps which people still use. With the recent 
changes I had to do to the KDE icon loader I tried to get something as 
similar to what was proposed in that page as possible.

In any case, that "default" icon theme wouldn't be visible to the user (he 
cannot select it from the control center), so there's no problem in naming 
it that way (in fact, it's just the directory which is called "default" :) 

> There was a thread on theme naming and theme inheritance and where
> apps should install icons on xdg-list a little while ago, it was left
> somewhat unresolved, this is something that should be sorted out.
> Third-party apps should really install to the same place for all
> desktops.

I was invited to discuss the spec there some time ago when the draft was 
beginning to be made, but unfortunately I was trying to leave KDE 
development at that time to relax for some months.
Perhaps I can join again after 3.1 is out.


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