renaming of hicolor

Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Wed Oct 30 16:31:17 GMT 2002

I just noticed this today and have tried to work out a few of the bugs that it has caused.     
Basically, despite the fact that I prefer the new name, it breaks a lot of things[1].  There are    
four possible solutions that I see at the moment:    
*) Change the name back to "HiColor" -- this is obviously the easiest.  
*) Have a way of the name for all technical purposes be "hicolor" but have "KDE Classic" show  
up on the lablels.  This seems like it should also be easy.  
*) Provide a way for themes to have "buddys" that they know about and give some priority to on  
the resolution of icon locations.  
*) Do some really dirty hacks in KIconTheme for if(name == "kdeclassic") { ... do stuff to hicolor 
too ... } I looked at this a little while today, but this is bigger and uglier than I thought, and I 
didn't think it worth it to continue with things that ugly. 
[1] There is a lot of hard coding of things for HiColor into KIconTheme and a simple   
s/hicolor/kdeclassic/g won't fix things.  Also, because the theme name is used to find the   
locations for icons, this breaks non-CVS apps that provide their own HiColor icons (which is  
pretty much all of them) since those now won't be found.  

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