Clipboard problems (yes, again)

Dirk Mueller mueller at
Wed Oct 30 15:38:12 GMT 2002

On Mit, 30 Okt 2002, Neil Stevens wrote:

> And now we have your true motivation.  You're just trying to remove feature 
> to attempt to bully all KDE users into using the clipboard the way *you* 
> want them to, despite the fact that countless KDE users might be perfectly 
> happy with the KDE 2 clipboard behavior.

Rule of thumb: If you have nothing worth mentioning to say, shut up. 

The possibly useful behaviour was syncing clipboard with selection, not the 
other way around. The fact that klipper produces all these races and slows things 
noticeably down (because on every selection change it actually requests the 
selection and puts it into the clipboard for nothing but wasting CPU power 
and hogging the X server) is unacceptable, and it is more than worth putting 
some energy in finally fixing this crap once and for all. 

Dirk (received 313 mails today)

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