New KAccel bug?

Ellis Whitehead kde at
Wed Oct 30 06:29:19 GMT 2002

I'll check this out when I get home from work tonight.  However as far as I
recall, KAccel doesn't know about the existence of Qt::Key_Shift (which would be
needed in order to form the Qt::CTRL+Qt::Key_Shift shortcut), and so it shouldn't
be possible under any circumstances I can think of for KAccel to have passed this
key along to QAccel...

Have you seen this in any other programs?  It'd be a lot more convenient for me
to debug if it shows up in kmail or kdebase programs, since I don't have a
current copy of kdenetworking on my machine in order to compile knode.


On Tue, 29 Oct 2002, Malte Starostik wrote:
> I have configured Ctrl+Shift+R in knode to mark all articles read, but since 
> today morning's KDE rebuild+clean install, Ctrl+Shift already pops up the 
> Filter Rule Editor, could this this be KAccel problem? The filter editor is 
> supposed to come up with its default shortcut, Ctrl+E, which does still work. 
> Also, this misbehaviour appears only when Ctrl is the first key pressed of 
> the sequence, Shift+then Ctrl does not open the dialog.
> -Malte

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