PATCH to make minicli use all KURIFilterPlugins

Neil Stevens neil at
Wed Oct 30 01:50:28 GMT 2002

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On Tuesday October 29, 2002 05:32, Dawit A. wrote:
> On Tuesday 29 October 2002 07:03, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > On Tuesday October 29, 2002 03:20, David Faure wrote:
> > > OTOH I would still store the two lists as member variables in
> > > minicli, so that it doesn't have to remove() in each call to
> > > parseLine() - which is called for _every_ keypress!
> >
> > I don't see this as really being a problem as I doubt there will exist
> > that many filters, and the idea of having every user of KURIFilter
> > doing its own cache bothers me, but ultimately it's not important to
> > me which end the cache is on.
> IMHO every bit you can save in these core classes matters.  If ten
> developers take the same approach on these kind of issues, you can
> easily end-up with a significant waste of resources at some point.  I
> think one should always design for the worst case scenario. Specially
> since one of the remaining work for the core is optimization in regards
> to speed as well as memory.


> > I just want my apidocs.
> >
> :)
> :
> > So here it is your way.
> It looks okay, however I still have reservation about this change as a
> whole.
> With this change you are only barring a specific filter.  Anyone can
> create/rename/re-package these filters and minicli will easily be fooled
> into using them.

That's true.  But anyone who takes the active step to rename, recompile, 
and reinstall the ikws filter *must* know what he is doing.

For the common case of having only the kdebase filters installed, my patch 
changes nothing.  It's only for the case of someone installing an 
additional filter (have any been released?) where this patch changes 

This is really no different from anything else in KDE.  Konqueror doesn't 
hard-code a list of acceptable plugins.  This allows a user can choose to 
install a broken kpart, and break konqueror by installing something buggy 
or inefficient.

> IMHO nothing short of a system/user-defined separation
> of such plugins will fix this issue and make things "sane".  But that is
> post 3.1 work ; so I guess this can do for now.  Unless of course you
> are willing to hold off your patch for post-3.1.  I for example, have
> several patches pending for post-3.1.

Well, my patch is just intended to keep things running basically as-is for 
3.1.  I really think for post-3.1 your ideas are better.  But for now, I 
think it makes no sense that third-party filters will work in konqueror, 
and not in minicli.


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