KMail bug in HEAD/3.1.0 branch with TLS support

George Staikos staikos at
Wed Oct 30 00:36:18 GMT 2002

On October 29, 2002 18:54, Ingo Klöcker wrote:
> On Tuesday 29 October 2002 05:34, George Staikos wrote:
> >    There seems to be a bug in KMail right now, and I would personally
> > consider it to be a "show stopper".  I say this because I dont' fully
> > understand it, but it seems to lose track of the TLS setting.  This
> > could potentially be very bad.  While it is actually to strong in my
> > case, I wonder if in other cases it might be too weak.  Here is how
> > it is reproduced for me:
> >
> > Launch kmail and use it only with identities that use TLS (for SMTP,
> > POP3). Then try to send an email from an identity that doesn't use
> > TLS.
> You are somehow confusing identities with transports/accounts. Do you
> mean an identity which uses a special transport that doesn't use TLS?
> I will have a look at this later (if nobody else is faster).

   Ok I have different transports for each identity so that's why I 
interchanged them.  I have some transports that use TLS, some that don't.  
Switching between them causes the TLS flags to get really confused.


George Staikos

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