KMail bug in HEAD/3.1.0 branch with TLS support

George Staikos staikos at
Tue Oct 29 04:34:23 GMT 2002

   There seems to be a bug in KMail right now, and I would personally consider 
it to be a "show stopper".  I say this because I dont' fully understand it, 
but it seems to lose track of the TLS setting.  This could potentially be 
very bad.  While it is actually to strong in my case, I wonder if in other 
cases it might be too weak.  Here is how it is reproduced for me:

Launch kmail and use it only with identities that use TLS (for SMTP, POP3).  
Then try to send an email from an identity that doesn't use TLS.  In my case, 
this is because this server doesn't support TLS or SSL.  However KMail 
insists on using TLS, even though the configuration for the identity does not 
have TLS checked.  The result is a message box that says that TLS is not 
supported on the remote server.  If I shut down KMail, restart, then try 
resending before doing anything that uses TLS, it sends without any problems.

I have reproduced this problem several times now.  However I haven't done it 
in such smooth fashion as I descibe above, simply because I haven't 
investigated so far yet.  I just know that is what happened so far on several 


George Staikos

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