Things to consider for KDE 3.1

Neil Stevens neil at
Tue Oct 29 01:17:02 GMT 2002

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1.  Right now, people who have left the default highcolor icons will *lose* 
that setting and get the new icons instead.  And similarly, users who 
currently have a useful Settings menu *lose* the ability to configure many 
things there.  Aren't these changes too radical for a .1 release?  Can 
this be fixed?

2.  The K Menu gets large and hard to use on a small desktop, thanks to the 
use of names *and* descriptions.  Shoudln't the default just show the 
names, to make good on prior commitments of 800x600 support?  (Can't do 
descriptions, too many of them are the same!)

3.  The Country and Language dialog appears broken right now.  Selecting a 
language in the langauges list box doesn't do anything!  You now have to 
use the "Add Language" button to set the language.  Is this intended?

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