[Patch:] KClipboard / klipper / kpaint bug fixes

Helge Deller deller at gmx.de
Mon Oct 28 20:21:43 GMT 2002

On Monday 28 October 2002 20:52, Helge Deller wrote:
> Hi,
> the following patches fixes a few bugs and problems with the KDE clipboard,
> the klipper application and copy&paste problems in kpaint.
@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ class KlipperWidget : public QWidget, pu
     QString getClipboardContents();
-    void setClipboardContents(QString s);
+    void setClipboardContents(const QString& s);
     void clearClipboardContents();

I didn't intended to change the dcop function.
This change is reverted again in the next patch which I will send to review after
getting more feedback.


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