kdelibs configure problem

Michael Matz matz at kde.org
Mon Oct 28 12:36:42 GMT 2002


On Sun, 27 Oct 2002, Till Krech wrote:

> I'm facing a weird problem and I hope that I'm the only one.

Works for me.  What autoconf/automake version do you use?

>     in kdelibs/khtml/java is a file configure.in.in with the small content
> -----------------------------
> dnl don't remove
> dnl AC_OUTPUT(khtml/java/kjava.policy)
> -----------------------------
> when I try to do a make -f Makefile.cvs, I get the following:
> This Makefile is only for the CVS repository
> *** Creating acinclude.m4
> *** Creating list of subdirectories
> *** Creating configure.in
> *** Creating aclocal.m4
> *** Creating configure
> configure.in:1793: error: `khtml/java/kjava.policy' is already registered with

Please look into kdelibs/configure.in (not .in.in!) for
khtml/java/kjava.policy.  It should be there exactly once, as argument to
AC_CONFIG_FILES.  (Well, there should be another occurence commented out
with 'dnl', i.e. a verbatim copy of the above .in.in file).

> if I replace
> dnl AC_OUTPUT(khtml/java/kjava.policy)
> with
> dnl xAC_OUTPUT(khtml/java/kjava.policy)
> it works. (I thought dnl is a comment ?)

It is.  But 'dnl AC_OUTPUT' is handled specially by the generator of
configure.in, i.e. it's a comment for autoconf, but not for our scripts.


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