ok to add search shortcut ?

Dawit A. adawit at kde.org
Mon Oct 28 05:21:50 GMT 2002

On Sunday 27 October 2002 08:44, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> On Sonntag, 27. Oktober 2002 15:37, Bo Thorsen wrote:
> > So, IMHO you should start building a scheme for having sets of settings
> > the user can choose from.
> Agreed.

I think it is time to finish the implementation of the import/export feature 
for post 3.1 so that users can easily import these settings just like they 
can with icons.  And perhaps then there will be a repository for them on a 
website like there is for look and feel now.  I think it is time we stopped 
adding such files into the base package as it was not the original intention.

Dawit A.

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