Antonio Larrosa Jimenez larrosa at kde.org
Sun Oct 27 12:06:34 GMT 2002

CVS commit by antlarr: 

Renamed cr22-action-checkedbox-mask.png to cr22-action-checkedbox_mask.png
because in other case it's installed to a mask.png file in a checkedbox
This should be clear : Don't use "-" in the icon names or it'll be substituted
to / and the icon won't be installed correctly.
Note I didn't find any place where this icon was used, so maybe we should
just remove this file.
CCMAIL: kde-core-devel at kde.org

  A            cr22-action-checkedbox_mask.png   1.1
  R            cr22-action-checkedbox-mask.png   1.1

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