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Andras Mantia amantia at virtualartisans.com
Thu Oct 24 07:39:26 BST 2002


 I was asking this on KDE-Devel, but seems that all the guys who know the 
KHTML internals are unsubscribed from there. :-( I tend to ask you here, and 
sorry if it is OT, I won't do anymore.


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Subject: KHTMLPart usage
Date: 2002. October 22., Tuesday 16:47
From: Andras Mantia <amantia at virtualartisans.com>
To: kde-devel at kde.org


 In Quanta we have the KHTMLPart embedded for previewing the document.
Actually a class (WHTMLPart) is embedded which inherits from KHTMLPart.
Previously there was some problems with framesets, like the target = _top was
not handled correctly. After searching in docs, I've found that there is a
need to reimplement the KHTMLPart::createPart(...) in this case. So I've done
it, and now the reimplemented method is simply:

KParts::ReadOnlyPart *WHTMLPart::createPart( QWidget *parentWidget, const
 char *widgetName, QObject *parent, const char *name, const QString
 &mimetype, QString &serviceName, QStringList &serviceTypes, const
 QStringList &params) {
   return new WHTMLPart(widget());

Now the frames in the preview are working, but I'm a little afraid that this
caused a memory leak. When will the new WHTMLPart be freed? Do I need to free
it manually and if yes, when and how do you know how many were created (and
of course I need to have the pointer values than). Or do I need to store the
returned values in order to free them up correctly?


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