[BUG] popupmenu completion focus problem

Alexander Kellett lypanov at kde.org
Tue Oct 22 14:58:02 BST 2002

Hiya all / Matthias,

A while back I reported the following bug:

   When using alt-f2 (with the mouse not inside its focus, but it has focus 
   due to using sloppy focus) with completion set to popup/dropdown the 
   popupmenu in certain cases appears makes kwin lose focus.

   The simplest case is:
      goto "lists.kde.org" via minicli for the first time thus adding it to history
      then (making sure to move the mouse outside the alt-f2 window area)
      alt-f2 again and type "l"
      thus bringing up the lists.kde.org selection, and 
      now type a different letter - i.e to make the popupmenu disappear

   When this happens the mouse loses focus from the popupmenu and 
   reverts to where the mouse is actually placed, which is a large
   usability problem IMO.

A commit in kdelibs + kwin by Matthias Ettrich fixed this for most
cases, unfortunately there is still one case in which it is present 
still, that is when the alt-f2 box appears directly above a konsole window.

Any chance of a fix for this one?, 
I tried, but its way above my knowledge unfortunately :(


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