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On Monday 21 October 2002 04:11, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> Still you browse when you scroll in the location bar of konqueror - you're
> not changing the URL, you browse right away. Scroll wheel actions shouldn't
> change anything but the view.

so we take care of some comboboxes (kcombobox, but not those that just use 
qcombobox), and neuter them just because we don't like how it behaves in the 
konqueror url box? not that someone ever accidently wheel scrolls over it (do 

how about the attached patch to qcombobox itself: it implements a delayed 
emit() on wheel events... i set it .5 seconds and it feels fairly natural. 
behaviours don't change and the user can scroll through the list w/out 
causing tons of unintential activated() events.

note that this does NOT address the issue of a combobox in a web page as that 
is, obviously a seperate issue from this.

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