thumbnails: images vs picture

Nicolas Goutte nicog at
Sun Oct 20 22:01:23 BST 2002

We had the same problem with KOffice (to be exactly for the common picture 
support used in KWord and in KPresenter.)

Anything QImage based was named an image, anything QPicture based was named a 

I have removed this difference by naming everything "picture."

What I did not like in the difference was that EPS is QImage based. However 
from the concept it is more a QPicture. I had also found that user sometimes 
did not understand the difference.

In any case, the result for KOffice 1.2 was the removing a much (duplicated) 

Have a nice day/evening/night!

>List:     kde-core-devel
>Subject:  Re: thumbnails: images vs picture
From:     "Aaron J. Seigo" <aseigo at>
>Date:     2002-10-19 8:49:55
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>On Friday 18 October 2002 07:36, Malte Starostik wrote:
>> For me as a user it does make some sense: one is about bitmaps, the other
>> about vector graphics, YMMV.
>the current names don't imply that and is that distinction important from a 
>general user's point of view? how often will someone want only bitmaps and 
>not vector images thumbnailed, or vice versa?
>i understand the technical difference between the two (because i looked at 
>.desktop files to see the mimetypes ;), but it isn't apparent from the 
>outside. i've heard this enough times from people on IRC and in Real 
>Life(tm); i didn't even notice it myself until someone asked about it on IRC 
>one evening. =)
>> handle the rest. This is theoretical, I didn't try if it works (multiple
>> .desktop files with the same "Name" key), I'll give it a try.
>hmm... i just assumed (the fatal mistake) that that would fail. at best show 
>two "Image" entries. 
>what you propose would be the optimal solution though as it would keep the 
>code clean while not bothering the user with unecessary and inscrutable 
>detail. even if it doesn't work that way right now, perhaps we could make it 
>do so...
>let me know how it goes ...
>- -- 
>Aaron J. Seigo

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