Kicker child panels' PanelAppletOpMenu

Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Thu Oct 17 23:04:17 BST 2002

After looking a bit further, there are two possible solutions that I'm seeing 
to the kicker issue at the moment, excluding the stuff that I mentioned last 

Here's the one that I like:  

Create a base class that both Panel and ChildPanelExtension both use that has 
at least one method -- getting a PanelOpMenu pointer.  (There are other 
things that should be here, but I would hesitate to move them unless they fix 
a specific bug.)  This would also start the framework for what I think will 
have to exist in a redesign at some point.


Rather than keeping track of such a base class, instead pass a pointer to the 
PanelOpMenu through the parenthood latice.  This would work, but is lacking 
in elegance, but would require a less fundamental change to the way things 
are currently done.

The first is more intrusive, but cleaner and more forward thinking.  The last 
perpetuates the hackery, but works.  I'm not sure if the first is OK this 
late in the release cycle, but I like it.  ;-)

Anyway, once there's something of a concensus I'll hack this out -- idealy 
this weekend.


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