enable-final broken in kdelibs (redefinition of `const int XKeyPress')

Raffaele Sandrini sandrini at kde.org
Thu Oct 17 17:22:40 BST 2002


I was not able to compile kdelibs these days. "--enable-final" is broken 
again. It worked perfectly without it.


libkdecore_la.all_cpp.lo `test -f libkdecore_la.all_cpp.cpp || echo 
In file included from libkdecore_la.all_cpp.cpp:23:
kcharsets.cpp:474: warning: ANSI C does not allow `#warning'
kcharsets.cpp:474: warning: #warning FIXME?
In file included from libkdecore_la.all_cpp.cpp:31:
kaccel.cpp:30: redefinition of `const int XKeyPress'
kapplication.cpp:118: `const int XKeyPress' previously defined here
kaccel.cpp:30: `KeyPress' was not declared in this scope
In file included from libkdecore_la.all_cpp.cpp:32:
kglobalaccel_x11.cpp: In method `bool KGlobalAccelPrivate::x11Event(_XEvent 
*)':kglobalaccel_x11.cpp:183: case label `XKeyPress' does not reduce to an 
integer constant
In file included from libkdecore_la.all_cpp.cpp:43:
kvmallocator.cpp: In method `void KVMAllocator::free(KVMAllocator::Block *)':
kvmallocator.cpp:154: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned
kvmallocator.cpp:171: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned
make[3]: *** [libkdecore_la.all_cpp.lo] Error 1
Raffaele Sandrini <sandrini at kde.org>

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