Structure of our websites (in CVS + on the servers)

Nicolas Goutte nicog at
Fri Oct 11 12:11:38 BST 2002

If these changes have to be done, I would like:
- that the history of the files are preserved. So someone with enough karma 
(Stephan Kulow, David Faure or Waldo Bastian) should move the files directly 
in the CVS server and not by CVS.
- if we have common templates, the template should not limit the width of 
tables like the current ones. (Problem for the KOffice filter status pages 
and (I suppose) for the I18N team page.)
- still for the common templates: have templates for files with must have 
<html> and </html> in them instead of in the templates. I have to do it for 
XSLT generated status files for KOffice's filters, so I have created my own 
headers. (Sure, XSLT would allow to generate text files instead of XML, but 
those XSLT templates are nightmares as any linefeed is found again in the 
generated file. Or you make such XSLT templates unfriendly for developers and 
for CVS.)

Please CC me! Thank you in advance!

Have a nice day/evening/night!

>List:     kde-core-devel
>Subject:  Structure of our websites (in CVS + on the servers)
From:     Christoph Cullmann <crossfire at>
>Date:     2002-10-09 19:10:23
>Hash: SHA1
>overlooking the current mess in www + the mass of * domains (some 
>even own cvs modules) I would like to know if it wouldn't be possible to 
>clean that up a "bit". ;)
>My proposal would be:
>a) move the applications homepages to www/apps/"appname" + make the 
>"appname" domains pointing to that + create a index in www/apps which 
>shows what application are around there with links
>b) move ALL * subdomains into www/areas/"areaname" + make the 
>"areaname" domains pointing to that (and again index)
>c) move ALL internationalisation pages to www/i18n/?? (or 
>www/international/?? or even seperated www-?? modules)
>d) let all this pages (after we have our new design ready + xhtml conform) 
>the templates located at www/templates to get one corporate identity look for 
>the whole kde web sites (but that is AFTER we have done the first hard 
>e) use <base href=""> (and let the * domains not 
>change the docroot, only redirect them to the given subdirs, which will make 
>links consistent to the base url, which might be set different (like 
>www.kde.?? for the translated websites which will get a document root set to 
>www/international/?? or www/i18n/??)
>Would that be possible ?
>BTW., would be nice to get a common suffix for the pages that are written in 
>php, should we use .html (as now on or the more comment .php 
>suffix (if .php should be it, please change that the server accepts 
>index.php), the includes will get .inc.
>Please constructive answers, no flames ;P
>This mail goes to kde-core-devel + kde-www and the sysadmin(s), please feel 
>free to forward to any other people involved in the www stuff.

- -- 
Christoph "Crossfire" Cullmann

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