Bug in key event handling of kcompletionbox

Arni Ingimundarson arning at hrzpub.tu-darmstadt.de
Thu Oct 10 20:31:46 BST 2002


I am running a 2-3 days old CVS (head) version of KDE.

There is a bug in somewhere in the path of keyevents sent to

For example:  Try to type in @ in Konqueror Location bar
              with the completionlist open.

On my system, the AltGr key is ignored in all lineedit fields if the
completionlist is open.  KDE 3.0.3 behaved the same.

I did take a look at this but was didn't find out where the AltGr
state gets ignored (or thrown away), but I had the feeling it was in

I hope someone picks this up.

best regards,

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