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Malte Starostik malte at
Wed Oct 9 20:03:51 BST 2002

On Wednesday 09 October 2002 20:36, Thomas Zander wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 09, 2002 at 07:29:50PM +0200, Oswald Buddenhagen wrote:
> > A new X-Server is going to be started on another virtual terminal (vt).
> > This won't affect your current session, but instead you (or somebody
> > else) will be able to login in parallel. You can switch among the
> > active sessions by pressing <alt>-<ctrl>-<F<n>>, where <n> is the number
> > of the vt, usually 7 and greater.
> > Warning: some broken video drivers tend to crash the machine when
> > several X-Servers are running in parallel.
> This is far too technical. Many terms are unknown to the target audience.
Fully agreed.

> - X-server -> screen
> - virtual terminal -> screen
> - session is plainly wrong since that is the other feature we allready had.
>   and the reason I have problems with this.
>   Lets make it; screen :)
> - video driver -> machines/configurations
> <b>You have chosen to create a new screen instead of resuming an allready
> existing one.</b><br>
1 x screen
> You will get a new screen for your login, while another screen is allready
> running.
2 x screen
> You can switch between these screens using the key combination;
> CTRL-ALT-Fn, pressing all three keys at the same time. The Fn is the F-key
> where F7 is normally the first, and F8 the second.<br>
1 x screen
> <b>Warning</b>: on some machines running multiple screens can crash the
> machine.
1 x screen
This adds up to 5 times "screen" in 4 sentences and three different meanings. 
No way!
Also, "You have chosen to create a new screen" sounds bad IMHO. Have I chosen 
to build a monitor? :-)

> Idea; put the F7 and F8 as 'args' in the i18n string so distros can change
> the output while not effecting translations.
Very good idea, but:

<h1>You have chosen to open another desktop.</h1>
<p>A new login screen will be displayed and the currently open applications 
will be hidden. You can switch back to this desktop with Ctrl-Alt-F%1 and to 
the new one with Ctrl-Alt-F%2 at any time.</p>
<p><b>Warning:</b> some computers may crash when using multiple desktops.</p>

%1 and %2 are replaced with the real numbers (I'm pretty sure it's possible to 
determine what VC we're on).


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