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George Staikos staikos at
Wed Oct 9 19:08:44 BST 2002

On October 9, 2002 13:29, Oswald Buddenhagen wrote:

> so the only short-time solution (except disabling this at all, which
> would upset several people) is adding this continue/cancel message
> box with roughly this text (improvements welcome):
> A new X-Server is going to be started on another virtual terminal (vt).
> This won't affect your current session, but instead you (or somebody
> else) will be able to login in parallel. You can switch among the
> active sessions by pressing <alt>-<ctrl>-<F<n>>, where <n> is the number
> of the vt, usually 7 and greater.
> Warning: some broken video drivers tend to crash the machine when
> several X-Servers are running in parallel.

   That looks good to me.  I would also try to list the F-n of the current vt 
(so the user can easily switch back without hunting), and the new one (if 
possible to know).


George Staikos

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