whats up with kmail ???

Martin Konold martin.konold at erfrakon.de
Mon Oct 7 23:23:29 BST 2002

On Monday 07 October 2002 09:58 pm, Daniel Molkentin wrote:


> On Monday 07 October 2002 22:09, Martin Konold wrote:
> >I am using maildir but did notice that the calls to gpg are blocking. This
> This should be fixed by updating to gpg >= 1.0.7. It got significant
> speedup-improvements on various keyhandling stuff.

Yes, but the speedup in gpg only hides the fundamental design flaw.
IMHO it is not good to block on _any_ external program or external IO.

> > is very bad usability wise because the user gets the impression that the
> > application did crash. (No updates etc.).
> This obviously is a general problem when syncronously relying on external
> applications.

Yes, and therefore has to be avoided.

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