[kfm-devel] Konq always crashes on exit

Maks Orlovich mo002j at mail.rochester.edu
Mon Oct 7 04:57:24 BST 2002

On Sunday 06 October 2002 11:49 pm, Malte Starostik wrote:
> On Monday 07 October 2002 05:26, Malte Starostik wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > has anyone seen this recently?
> > Fresh build on Mandrake 9.0 and konq consistently crashes on exit. I
> > suspect it's some lib unloading thing as ~KLibrary is always in the bt,
> > but I'm not sure yet. Still investigating but maybe you already have the
> > answer *hope* -Malte

Please also see the back-and-forth between Till Krech and myself on kde-devel:


Summary: What you described, plus, apparently, with Qt3.1b2, Qt clears the 
destructive close flag on KMainWindow before calling deleteLater, to avoid 
some problems with double deletions (see the changes filed) ...and then drops 
out of the loop without deleting anything. Then, the cleanup code in Konqui 
doesn't clean anything up, since nothing has WDestructiveClose anylonger, and 
we blow up where you describe and potentially a few other spots...


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