[PATCH] Add dontAskAgainName parameter to queuedMessageBox()

Thomas Zander zander at planescape.com
Sun Oct 6 17:13:59 BST 2002

Having a dialog like the one you propose allows a user to get a lot of
dialog on screen when he walks away and the mailbox is and stays out
of sync due to him not clicking the dialog.

The correct patch would be to fix this in KMail. For example by adding
a check in front of the code that accesses the mailbox-cache.
Another solution is that each incoming acount has a 'ok to use' flag
so a problem in one does not effect another account. Plus you can easily
disable the account when a problem is found.

Anyway; your proposal does not look like it embraces good design in KMail.

On Sun, Oct 06, 2002 at 05:41:37PM +0200, Ingo Kl?cker wrote:
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> Hi,
> is it possible to add the dontAskAgain parameter to 
> KMessageBox::queuedMessageBox(...) (and KMessageBox::messageBox(...)) 
> as in the attached patch?
> I wouldn't ask for such at thing now if it wouldn't be necessary in 
> order to fix a crash (Bug 48688) in KMail. Currently we use a normal 
> message box (with "Don't show again" check box). But this message box 
> blocks the initialization of some objects in KMail which are then 
> accessed by other code that is executed due to the running event loop. 
> This problem could easily be solved by using a queued message box. But 
> we really need a "Don't show again" checkbox because the message box 
> might be shown very often for users of NFS mounted home directories. If 
> possible the options parameter should also be added to make it possible 
> to show links in the message with KMessageBox::AllowLink.
> Regards,
> Ingo

Thomas Zander   zander at planescape.com
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