[PATCH] Ghost Shadows

Malte Starostik malte at kde.org
Sat Oct 5 13:01:56 BST 2002

On Saturday 05 October 2002 11:45, Till Krech wrote:
> Hi,
> since yesterday evening the menu shadows remain on top of the screen if
> "Drop Menu Shadows" is enabled. This is rather strange (and ugly ;).
> In kdelibs/kdefx/kstyle.cpp where these shadows are handled. I can see that
> the function TransparencyHandler::createShadowWindows is called _twice_ but
> TransparencyHandler::removeShadowWindows is called only once.
> The problem is that the QPopupmenu gets two QEvent:Show events.
> It seems to be unrelated to the chosen style. Happens with KDE default
> style as well as with keramik.
> The atached Patch fixes the problem. Ok to commit ?
It does fix the problem but IMHO it'd be better to fix the real cause. i.e. 
the duplicated show events. Or at least protect the whole QEvent::Show case 
in the event handler from running twice. But as the problem is rather 
intrusive maybe it's still good to commit this as a workaround (marked with a 
BTW, I noticed those leftover shadows disappear when opening minicli? Weird...

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