What has happened to the KDE League?

Andreas Pour pour at mieterra.com
Sat Oct 5 08:34:38 BST 2002

Shawn Gordon wrote:
> http://www.linuxandmain.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=247
> Is this true? 

Parts of it.  As to the dissolution issue, that is something that needs to be
straightened out with the League's lawyers, who are supposed to be handling
this, undoubtedly some clerical mix-up.  However, as dep wrote to me in a
private e-mail (so he knows this), and as is the case, this is easily remedied
and virtually inconsequential.

As to the supposed IRS from, since theKompany.com was briefly a member, you
should know that the League is not a non-profit but rather a not-for-profit and
hence need not file the forms.

As to the website, it's hosted on a server that experienced hardware failure and
should be back up early next week.

As to the finances, that is not something for me to disclose.  The League as a
corporation cannot release its financial statements without approval of the
members, and that approval has not occurred.  That came out in the threads which
were selectively quoted, IIRC, but the piece seems to be just another malicious
KDE attack by a website well versed in those matters.

> If it is true then the League is beyond a colossal failure,

It certainly is not.

> it is also engaging in illegal activity.  


> KDE really needs to get some
> spokes people together and have something in place to handle this kind of
> fall out.  I wonder if this post will even make it through Dre's filters on me.

What filter?



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