Fwd: [PATCH] previewjob.cpp

Malte Starostik malte at kde.org
Thu Oct 3 10:36:14 BST 2002

On Thursday 03 October 2002 10:22, Lubos Lunak wrote:
> On Thursday 03 October 2002 10:07, David Faure wrote:
> > Hash: SHA1
> >
> > "Since QImage is getting serialized differently in Qt3.1,
> > the existing thumbnails show up corrupted in Konqueror."
> >
> > Can anyone confirm this patch?
Yes, please go ahead.

>  How about simply calling QDataStream::setVersion( 4 ) for all QDataStream
> instances used for any work related to thumbnails?
I don't think this is needed; this is the only place where this weird way of 
saving was used and I can't imagine why it was done this way (although 
cvsblame tells me it was me :-) Might be a leftover.

Hmm, I see Qt has included the PNG text chunk fix now; this enables us to 
switch to a TMS (Thumbnail Managing Standard as of freedesktop.org) 
conforming implementation. The standard has changed a bit since I implemented 
it though, so I have no fully conforming code ready.
This has been on my TODO since about 3.0 but was delayed due to missing 
support in Qt. I'll look into this ASAP (i.e. when my local KDE is up to 
date) - I've been using the "new" implementation (just without the latest 
adoptions to the standard) for months without a problem, would it have a 
chance for 3.1 final still?

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