userAgent string for Konqueror?

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Tue Oct 1 21:24:41 BST 2002

Hi David,

additionally to information on Konqueror your web team might find it
usefull to know that also the (text-based!) browser Lynx allows changing
the user agent string.
However there are good chances to detect it, please read this excerpt of
the Lynx help screens:

    >> The Options Menu issues a reminder whenever the header is changed
       to one which does not include "Lynx" or "L_y_n_x" <<

So you guys can just look for "Lynx" or "L_y_n_x" to be pretty sure to
detect most of the Lynx users and redirect them to the appropriate
text mode pages (that you surely have ;-))


On Monday 30 September 2002 19:55, David Gasior wrote:
> Stefan,
> Thanks for the information on the userAgent string; that's very helpful
> and good to know.
> The detection is for our web site.  When a user goes to download the Flash
> Player, the main page should redirect them to the appropriate download
> page, based on their browser and operating system.  I believe the web team
> is looking to add detection for the more popular Linux browsers to ensure
> that we redirect Linux users correctly.
> I've forwarded the information to our web developers.
> Thank you again for your quick response!
> -dg
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> Hi David!
> I am happy that Macromedia has decided to support Konqueror in the
> future. If you have any further questions concerning more integration
> with KDE I am sure the KDE developers will be happy to help.
> > Hoping you can answer a quick question for me.  We're adding
> > detection for the Konqueror 3.x browser to coincide with the
> > release of an updated Flash Player for Linux.  I need to provide to
> > the web developers the userAgent string reported by Konqueror 3.x
> > so they can add that to the detection scheme.  Unfortunately, none
> > of the machines here in the lab have Konqueror 3.x installed, and
> > was hoping you might be able to just email me the userAgent string
> > reported by the browser.
> The userAgent of Konqueror can be customized by the user.
> As long as the user doesn't make his Konqueror undetectable on purpose
> you will be able to check by looking for "Konqueror/3". The default
> userAgent is "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Konqueror/3; Linux)". The user
> can change it to something like "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible;
> Konqueror/3; Linux 2.4.19; X11; i686; de, en)" for example. Looking
> for "Konqueror/3" should be safe.
> I hope that will help you. I have forwarded your mail to the developer
> mailing list of KDE, I hope it's ok for you.
> Greetings
>  Stefan

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