PPC build problems: undefined symbols in libkio

John Firebaugh jfirebaugh at kde.org
Sun Jun 30 21:28:18 BST 2002

I run KDE CVS on debian ppc. Kopete dies whenever I try to view a user's info:

kopete: relocation error: /opt/kde-cvs-b/lib/libkio.so.4: undefined symbol: 

ldd -r /opt/kde-cvs/lib/libkio.so gives:

undefined symbol: __floatdidf   (/opt/kde-cvs-b/lib/libkio.so)
undefined symbol: __floatdisf   (/opt/kde-cvs-b/lib/libkio.so)
undefined symbol: __cmpdi2      (/opt/kde-cvs-b/lib/libkio.so)

Google tells me that this was once a problem for debian ppc packages:


Apparently it is caused by a bug in libtool regarding libgcc:


No indication if this has been fixed in libtool and the fix has not made it to 
our copy of libtool in admin/ or what. Anybody know?


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