Compatibility fix for my automatically created toolbar action

Joseph Wenninger jowenn at
Sun Jun 30 17:19:55 BST 2002


Bernd pointed me to a compatibility issue with my new auto updating "Show 
Toolbar" menu.

I'm attaching a small compatibility patch, which removes my action 
automatically, if an application uses the KStdAction::showToolbar(.....) 
functions with the mainwindows actioncollection.

Does someone see a problem with that patch ? It should be binary and source 
compatible and solve problems with old applications using eg:

  KStdAction::configureToolbars(parent, SLOT(mySlot()), actionCollection)

I'll adapt kdelibs/kdebase/.. than not to use the KStdAction::ShowToolbar 
functions. At the moment they use them, although they are just ignored. 
(without the patch)

Kind regards
Joseph Wenninger
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