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On Saturday 29 June 2002 05:45, Dominique Devriese wrote:
> This may be just me, but what about people expecting this sort of thing
> from their windows experience ?  Shouldn't the KDE Control Center be a
> place where you can configure "everything" ( well, everything a "normal"
> user needs to know about ) about your computer ?

until there are hundreds of things about your computer to configure.

one interface that crams 70+ options (as kcontrol does panels) is unwieldly, 
and then we add anywhere from a few options to a few dozen options to each of 
those 70+ panels and things become unlearnable, unnavigatable and daunting.

in other words, what we have right now.

if under the settings menu there were a few very clear options: system 
information, desktop and system settings, look and feel, component 
configuration (bad words, need something better) or whatever, and each of 
those contained a subset of those 70+ panels (<20 each) things can be much 
more managable and much more easily learned.

people can take in vast amounts of information, but only if it is parcelled 

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