Proposal for KControl

Charles Samuels charles at
Sat Jun 29 23:12:37 BST 2002

lørdag 29 juni 2002, 03:11 pm, skrev Lubos Lunak:
>  At least Email, Address Book and Spelling Correction don't have their 'own
> application'. Also, I don't see what's wrong with being able to configure
> some "global" apps from KControl.

Well, Email has kmail (and ideally, all of KDE should use the kmail settings 

Address Book has KAddressBook, which is its own app.

Spelling correction is an API that provides a window with a few buttons.  One 
of those buttons could be "Word Database" or "Configure" or something.

> What's wrong with having kcontrol module
> for KWin? Why should there be a specific app for it?
Yes, my mistake, I sent the email which corrected this.

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