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something that has bugged me about KFileDialog for a while is the toolbar.

in specific there is the "gear menu" that has some view options, and then 
there are some view options on the toolbar. this means that the user has to 
learn two differenet UI pathways to change view settings. 

the toolbar icons are also only meaningful if you know what they do (e.g. 
experimentation. there are tooltips, but it could be better.

also in the view submenu of the gear menu there is a radio group consisting of 
"Single view" and "Seperate Directories" .. in reality this is just a 
toggling on and off of the seperate directories sidebar .. it would make 
sense in its current form if other view options could be defined at run time 
(thereby inflating the number of radio group options to be >2) .. however, it 
seems this is not possible currently?

there is also a keyboard shortcut for the shortcuts sidebar but not for the 
preview area, which is inconsistent as from the user's perspective these 
things are the same type of "thing", that is: an side add-on to the main 

so i finally sat down tonight and did something about it. the rather 
unexciting but IMO more consistent results can be seen at:


or tried out first hand by applying the attached patch to kdelibs/kio/kfile

the two things i'm uncertain about:

 o does anything outside of kdiroperator and kfiledialog use the "single" 
action? (i can search lxr if nobody knows)
 o are view add-ons supported through some mechanism right now?
note that the only change to any header was the removal of a private slot from 


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