Key bindings and stuff!

Rob Kaper cap at
Tue Jun 25 13:40:05 BST 2002

Since I don't have any recommendations and this mail had been lingering in my 
"still have to answer" box for faaaar too long, maybe others have good ideas 
about this. Or maybe Ellis has been working on that global shortcut server. 

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Subject: Re: thanks for key bindings and stuff!
Date: Monday 15 April 2002 16:50
From: Ellis Whitehead <kde at>
To: Rob Kaper <cap at>

Hi Rob,
Hmm... you bring up an interesting scenario which I haven't given much
 thought to before.  I'm not sure whether it could be reasonably addressed,
 because it would require the program which has captured the global key (in
 this case noatun) to check the "local" keys of the active window, which
 would make for less responsive global shortcuts and some complicated
 interprocess data sharing.  On the X level, the design is that global keys
 have absolute priority over application shortcuts.  I'm afriad that the
 solution for users of the noatun non-win-key bindings is to change either
 the noatun or the konsole shortcut.  What I could do to ease that would be
 create a some warning sign on any local shortcuts which are in conflict with
 a global shortcut.  However, this will take a while to get working with
 noatun, because it will require adding a global shortcut 'server' -- which
 I've been planning on anyway.
If you have any recommendations, I'd be glad to hear then.

On Monday 15 April 2002 10:02, you wrote:
> You've done some great stuff making KDE keyboard friendly.
> I noticed with Keyz (noatun keybindings control) that if one app sets two
> actions for the same binding, you get a popup menu to choose. Brilliant,
> best UI thingey I've ever seen.
> However, it doesn't work if one is global and the other isn't. For example,
> Ctrl-Alt-S in konsole is "rename session" but in Keyz it is "stop playing".
> For some reason those don't merge.
> It would be awesome if stuff like this would auto-merge too, in which case
> duplicate key bindings would never be a problem anymore. :-)
> Is that a Konsole bug or are you aware of the key bindings internals here?
> Rob


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