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On Sun, Jun 23, 2002 at 09:49:24PM +0200, Matthias Kretz wrote:

> Do you think this should appear in the TreeList of the KDialogBase? I don't 
> think that would be a good idea (the checkboxes in the TreeList). And I'm 
> against loading the plugins before the user decides to use them. So the app 
> doesn't know if the plugin has one (or more) configuration pages and therefor 
> can't show anything in advance.
> Another idea I could (almost) live with: On the plugin selection page we could 
> add a button "Configure Plugin" which would open yet another dialog - that's 
> why I prefer the other idea - showing the plugins configuration dialog.
> If that's the common opinion I want to have a configuration option (half 
> joking here):
> o Use dynamic configuration dialogs
> o don't change my dialogs
> ;-)

I want to point out an alternative as seen in the look&feel->style kcm. It has
a tab configuration which changes when you click the plugin.
The points of attention;
- no plugins need to be loaded, you just need a list.
- when clicking a plugin the configuration tab shows it can be configured, or not.
  - delayed loading, but no hiding of plugins
  - you have no idea if a plugin has a configuraion diag until you click the entry.

The concept there is badly executed since one tab changes when you alter
information in another tab.  The list should therefor be outside the tabs. 
See KWord; 'Format->Style manager'. I like the 'General' tab there as it can
show alternative info about the selection.

Adding a checkbox to enable/disable the plugin and you have a nice all-round
plugin config. :)

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