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On Saturday 22 June 2002 15:09, Simon Hausmann wrote:
> Interesting idea. Reminds me of kcmodule somehow ;)

Yes. With the important difference that kcmodules have to be dynamically 
loaded. I don't think that'd be a good idea for every page of an 
application's preferences dialog.

> Just one minor comment: I think it's a bad idea to use the singleton
> pattern with KPreferencesDialog. For example imagine kword and
> kspread both using KPreferencesDialog. Now imagine a kword document
> with an embeddesd spreadsheet. You activate the spreadsheet,
> kspread's GUI appears, you select 'Configure KSpread' . Trouble
> ahead :)

Why? You would get a dialog where the modules from KWord and KSpread would 
appear. That was the idea... OK, for KOffice it's probably not the best, but 
imagine KView: The app provides some modules, the part provides some and 
probably a few plugins do. How would they now the Dialog where they should 
add their modules?

Or Konqueror:
You open an image. The KViewViewer KPart gets loaded. Now you open the 
configuration dialog and you can configure the KViewViewer and all it's 
The only problem I see with this, is that a user once found this configuration 
dialog and can't find it anymore since he didn't load the right KPart into 

There are apps like Noatun, Kopete and now KView that need to dynamically 
insert and remove pages from the dialog and these classes should make that 
easier. No program is forced to use this ;-)

Oh, and one question: Did I need to use the KStaticDeleter? And if yes, did I 
do it right?

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