Location of user installed fonts

Craig Drummond cpdrummond at freeuk.com
Fri Jun 21 12:03:55 BST 2002

Currently KDE assumes that users will install fonts into $KDEHOME/share/
fonts. I would like to change this to be $HOME/.fonts – so that it will 
be accessible by other non KDE applications, and be less desktop 
specific. To do this I propose to:

1. Change startkde to only look in ~/.fonts
2. Change Kfontinst to set the user default font folder to ~/.fonts
3. Write a script to move any fonts/folders installed in $KDEHOME/share/
fonts to ~/.fonts. This script would then be called from startkde – as 
the font paths ideally should be moved before the desktop has started.

Does this sound reasonable? If so I could probably implement the 
changes in a few days.


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