PluginSelector Widget and generic Configuration Dialog

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Fri Jun 21 09:14:43 BST 2002

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On Friday 21 June 2002 10:06, Matthias Kretz wrote:
> On Friday 21 June 2002 09:16, Simon Hausmann wrote:
> > > If anybody needs more features let me know. Currently the code is in
> > > KView but it belongs into kdelibs. Question: kparts or kdeui?
> >
> > I'd say kparts (KParts::PluginSelector) . Just my 0.02 €-cent
> > though.
> The reason for kdeui is, that you could also use the widget without using
> KParts at all.

Yes, and that's why I also suggested kdeui initially.
However, this is just like KParts::ComponentFactory: it's about loading
plugins in general, not only about the KParts::Part technology itself, so in a
way it also makes sense to have it in KParts - to have all component
stuff there, not only KParts::Part.
Given the precedent created by ComponentFactory, I'd say it should go in KParts.
But it's also a bit confusing ("I'm using KParts" used to mean: to provide
or load a Part) ;)

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