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The generic Widget for enabling/disabling Plugins is working and perhaps even 
finished (well, probably not). A short description of what it can do:

In the easiest case you only have to pass a KInstance, the class then looks in 
the apps/<instancename>/kpartplugins/ directory for *.desktop files. These 
files contain the name, a comment, the author and internal pluginname (the 
name used in the .rc file) and optionally a type of the plugin.
You can also pass a list of filenames containing this information if you want 
to use some other kind of plugin.
If you have different types of plugins you need to pass the list of types to 
the class and a tabwidget will be created with a seperate tab for every type.
The configuration is saved in the KConfig object of the KInstance or one you 
TODO: exclusive plugin types

If anybody needs more features let me know. Currently the code is in KView but 
it belongs into kdelibs. Question: kparts or kdeui?

Next, I want to create a generic configuration dialog.
I'd like to create a KConfigurationDialog and a base class for modules for 
this dialog (look at noatun or kopete to see what I mean). The app could 
provide the dialog and app, parts and plugins can insert modules into the 
dialog. It would probably be nice if this dialog could also use KCModules.
How would this dialog be made accessible for all parts and plugins? Should it 
be a singleton or is there a better method?
Since there're already two apps (I know of) that implement this functionality 
and I'm going to need it in KView, too, I think it's time for an 
implementation for kdelibs.
Comments? Interest?

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