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Thu Jun 20 19:28:41 BST 2002

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On Thursday June 20, 2002 11:07, Rob Kaper wrote:
> Most of the administrative requests/ideas for the KDE as project end up
> here and I wonder if that is a good thing. core-devel was initially
> intended for discussion of kdelibs (at least it is advertised as such).

So is there a specific problem you're trying to address, or are you just 
trying to add a scrollbar to the foler list in my kmail?

> I'm okay with the extension towards parts of kdebase or other modules
> which interact with the libraries a lot, or general but crucial (thus
> "core") development goals/ideas/discussions, but should topics like the
> build system, administrative stuff like CVS/
> requests/decisions and other things related to KDE as a project and the
> organisation of it be on core-devel?

I'd say build system absolutely belongs here.  And I'd suggest that you 
distinguish between project administration and server administration.  
Project admnistration (setting freezes, releases, etc.) has to be here.  
You can't separate the code from the policy around it.

On the other hand, server administration, while vital, has no connection 
with the code.

> I can imagine many developers on core parts do not care a lot about
> wether we use auto* or unsermake as long as it works, to name a recent
> thread. Or like me, wish to contribute to KDE as project but are less
> interested in the development of the framework (I care more for
> application development).

You can say the same about kparts, kio, or kprocess.  Pure applications 
development without an eye toward improving KDE already has a list, 

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