New mailinglist for KDE project management?

Rob Kaper cap at
Thu Jun 20 19:07:44 BST 2002

Most of the administrative requests/ideas for the KDE as project end up here
and I wonder if that is a good thing. core-devel was initially intended for
discussion of kdelibs (at least it is advertised as such).

I'm okay with the extension towards parts of kdebase or other modules which
interact with the libraries a lot, or general but crucial (thus "core")
development goals/ideas/discussions, but should topics like the build
system, administrative stuff like CVS/ requests/decisions
and other things related to KDE as a project and the organisation of it be
on core-devel?

I can imagine many developers on core parts do not care a lot about wether
we use auto* or unsermake as long as it works, to name a recent thread. Or
like me, wish to contribute to KDE as project but are less interested in the
development of the framework (I care more for application development).

So, I am suggesting that there'd be a kde-project list and that mails like
these end up there instead of here in the future. :)


PS: Organisation of our servers (where to host cvs, web; who to contact when
things go wrong) might also be better off on kde-project or even a special
list for those who administer/host our servers.
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