kdelibs and the GPL

Alex Zepeda zipzippy at sonic.net
Wed Jun 19 10:23:16 BST 2002

On Wed, Jun 19, 2002 at 12:57:35AM +0200, Dominique Devriese wrote:

> ./kio/kio/kemailsettings.cpp: unknown
> ./kio/kio/kemailsettings.h: unknown

These should just be removed, unless anyone can name something using them.

FWIW they are both licensed under *the* BSD style copyright.

blarf:~#file /usr/share/examples/etc/bsd-style-copyright
/usr/share/examples/etc/bsd-style-copyright: ASCII English text

If you don't have that, you should get it and read it.

- alex

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