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Charles Samuels charles at
Sat Jun 15 21:40:34 BST 2002

lørdag 15 juni 2002, 01:42 pm, skrev Piotr Szymanski:
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> Hi,
> Charles Samuels (15/06/2002 22:17):
> > Once again, we have a booth at LWCE.  If you're in any way planning to
> > participate, please email me to join in on our mailing list.
> When, where is and what are the costs of LWCE?

Transportation is expensive,  especially if you live in poland.  Otherwise 
it's free :)

And please, email just to me :)

Charles Samuels <charles at>
 "Intolerance is itself a form of violence and an obstacle to the growth of a 
true democratic spirit." -- Mahatma Gandhi

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