KToolBar's new context menu entry

Joseph Wenninger jowenn at jowenn.at
Thu Jun 13 23:11:57 BST 2002


> Exactly. I still don't see the need for this menu-item tho, can you explain
> to me the advantage of completely removing the toolbar, over minimizing it
> by clicking the little handle?

I think, it just personal preference. I found that kind of popup quite usefull 
in M$ Office (one of the only things I liked there) Most applications use the 
showtoolbar action anyways. This is only an automatically handled exstension, 
which works even for multiple toolbars.

> And why do I have to change my code to the new KMainWindow c'tor -- isn't
> it possible to detect whether there is a menubar and some
> enabling/disabling entries?

Done. If there is no mainmenu, the Show actions will not be added to the popup 
menu. Please update kdelibs/kdeui and tell me if it works for you in 

Kind regards
Joseph Wenninger

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