Unifying ~/Desktop - security issues with ~/Trash

Havoc Pennington hp at redhat.com
Thu Jun 13 16:46:12 BST 2002

Raphaƫl Quinet <quinet at gamers.org> writes: 
> Although I do not use Nautilus (yet) on these machines, I would
> certainly object to having a file manager that moves some deleted files
> from an encrypted file system to an NFS-mounted home directory.

All file managers I know of (with a trash concept) will do this at
least sometimes.

It's possible the right solution is to be smart about the filesystem
type, and just open a dialog saying "this file can't be moved to trash
because blah blah. do you want to delete it irrevocably?"

The only really "safe" thing to do to a file is to rename it within
the same directory it's already inside. But that leaves little .trash
files all over your filesystem, and it's unclear how you present the
result as a single directory in the file manager.

(Nautilus used to drop .trash in a lot more possible places, and would
do a "find" type operation to locate all of them - very bad news on
AFS directories! And pretty slow on local directories, too.)

Hmm, perhaps a nice solution would be to have a common config file for
gnome and kde, that listed the mounted filesystems and specified a
trash location for each, and optionally banned trash in favor of
irrevocable delete for some filesystems.

Hey we could add it to /etc/fstab ;-) /me imagines the flames...


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