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David Faure david at mandrakesoft.com
Wed Jun 12 16:36:03 BST 2002

On Wednesday 12 June 2002 07:58, Eric Christopherson wrote:
> Anyway, just because MacOS found a cute way to describe marking files for
> deletion doesn't mean everyone has to follow their lead. But regardless of
> whether we choose to call it "trash" (or "recycle bin" or whatever), it
> would be really nice if the way things are stored in the "trash" reflects the
> way they were stored before they were "trashed." That way, if we somehow
> forget exactly where a file came from (not hard to do when dealing with
> hierarchical filesystems), we would be able to see by looking at its
> properties or whatever where it came from, and put it back accordingly, or
> choose a new place for it.
> Additionally, name clashes would be avoided. I can't count the number of
> times I've moved files to the trash only to be prompted to rename or
> overwrite them because files with the same name are already in the trash. (I
> might even go so far as to say it'd be nice to be able to store several
> copies of the same file in the same path, but at different times, but that's
> probably more of a novelty.)
> Anyway, just moving trashed files into ~/Desktop/Trash is a real hack. Why
> don't we come up with a sophisticated and intelligent approach? (I know,
> you're gonna say "you code it then!" :) )

All of this is exactly what the kio_trash idea is about. You're not bringing anything
new on the subject. 

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